Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go! In fact, if you’re traveling, there’s a good chance that a lot of the healthier parts of your normal routine have fallen by the wayside – you may be sleeping and exercising less, and it is often harder to find healthy food in restaurants. That gives you a great excuse to step up your game when it comes to skincare! Here are my favorite five skincare must-haves for traveling!

1. They say we humans aren’t great at multi-tasking, but that doesn’t mean we can’t buy great products that do extra work for us! That’s what I love about the holy grail product Lotion P50 by Biologique Recherche. It’s an exfoliating and balancing toner lotion that is fantastic at resurfacing your skin and doing exactly what it says – exfoliating and balancing! There’s a reason this has been around for almost fifty years!

2. There are two things that your body produces naturally for your skin that it slows down on producing as you age. One of them is hyaluronic acid, which is what holds in moisture in your skin by binding to the water and retaining it! That’s why I can’t live without a hyaluronic acid serum (and you shouldn’t either)! My favorite is Barbara Sturm’s, which also includes the botanical ingredient purslane, which helps soothe your skin. Who doesn’t want something soothing on vacay?

3. Another thing that our skin makes less and less as we age is found in rosehip oil, which is an incredible multi-use product that is a lifesaver no matter what the situation is! It’s a great moisturizer, but it also works fantastically to soothe skin irritations and minor burns. It’s great for your hair and nails in addition to your skin, and has healing properties. It’s no wonder that Trilogy’s rosehip oil (which is a favorite of many royal family members and celebrities) sells every twenty seconds!

4. Masks are a great thing to travel with! Eye masks help for depuffing when dealing with jet lag or variations in sleeping schedules. Of course, after being on a plane is a great time for both hydrating and detoxifying, since you spend so much time cooped up in a small space with a wide variety of people! If you’re feeling bold, you could even do a sheet mask while you’re flying – they are super travel-friendly, and you’ll arrive to your destination looking very fresh!

5. Another easy way to care for your skin is to use a Rose Quartz Roller. These are great to help lymphatic drainage, and can help decrease water retention, flush out toxins, and also depuff your whole face! One tip for extra soothing use is that if you are in a hot climate, you can keep your roller in the refrigerator or freezer to make it even more effective and add the cooling component!

There you have it – my five favorite ways to maintain healthy skin while traveling!

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