Happy Hump Day everyone! As I am sitting here on the couch and barely moving these days (I am officially 35 weeks pregnant…yay!), I decided to share with you some skincare tips and tricks I learned over the last couple of months. I have noticed a very big difference in terms of less acne and more glowing skin. I swear my these habits!

Although I am not dermatologist by all means, all of these habits incorporated in regular, at-home facials have been proven by professionals to work across different platforms.

Below you will find a quick list of the basic tips + a video on what I personally like to do at home.

Enjoy! xo


1. Double Cleansing

Many cultures and beauty professionals swear by this simple habit of washing your face two times, using different products. This will allow any kind of makeup, product or sweat to be completely removed from your pores. Double Cleansing is a great way to prevent clogged pores. You can use an oil based cleanser, micellar water or foaming cleanser for this process.


2. Icing / Cryo Therapy

Something as easy as switching from hot water to cold water when rinsing your face can make a big difference to your skin health. However, what’s even more beneficial is using ice, or any kind of refrigerated face massaging tool.  This is a great way to reduce inflammation, shrink pores and get that beautiful morning glow.


3. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

There is a reason why this brand has a serious ‘cult following’. Lotion P50 is one of their most wanted products. Some call it a “facial in a bottle”. And believe it or not, they are not lying! This product delivers instant results. It is a exfoliating toner that uses fruit acids to gently remove any dead cells and clogged pores. It also helps purify and rebalance the skin’s PH Balance. If there is one product I believe every girl should have in their skincare routine, this would be it!


4. Baking Soda

This is one of my favourite beauty tricks I love incorporating in my home facials. You may have heard of baking soda or seen it in your mum’s kitchen. However, it is not only used for cooking, but for many other beauty purposes. In this case, baking soda can be used for masking. Think of it as a ‘mini microdermabrasion’ at home. Simply mix a tea spoon with a little water and apply it all over your freshly cleansed face. An alternative method is mixing a pinch of it with any favourite masks. Baking soda is antibacterial and helps brighten, exfoliate and keep your pores away from those nasty black heads.


5. Benzoyl Peroxide 5%-10%

Historically, Benzoyl Peroxide was an ingredient that was often prescribed by dermatologists to cure acne. It is a more gentle and safe topical antibiotic that can be applied directly on the skin. Today in the US, there are many over the counter products that contain this ingredient. You can find Benzoyl Peroxide in cleansers, creams and serums. I personally prefer the cream option because I can spot treat the affected areas. Keep in mind, this can be extremely drying to the skin and should only be used in severe cases.


6. Silicone Makeup Sponges

One of the latest beauty trends that has taken the world by storm is silicone sponges. These makeup sponges replace the traditional Beauty Blender, as a cleaner and more durable method of applying makeup. Because it is porous, it does not soak up any of the product. It also won’t hold any kind of growing bacteria. I recently switched from brushes and sponges to this and I am absolutely hooked. Although it is a little harder to blend makeup with it, I love knowing that every time I apply my tinted moisturiser, I am not spreading any acne-causing bacteria on my skin. Silicone sponges are also very easy to clean!


I have incorporated these new habits in my daily/weekly skincare routine and noticed a drastic improvement. I do not remember that last time I had a serious break out (knock on wood) and my skin appears healthier and more glowing.

This is a quick video, showing you exactly what I like to do at home. xo

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