Los Angeles definitely has its own flavor, and tons of Angelenos are flocking to spots that may make others think we’re crazy, to buy healthy food and beauty products that are “so LA.” Here are the top five healthiest spots in LA with a serious cult following!

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Erewhon Supermarket

1. If you’re someone that gives Whole Foods the nickname “Whole Paycheck,” or you prefer fast food to health food, you are going to want to avoid Erewhon. The name is actually “nowhere,” but spelled in reverse, but it’s somewhere special to those in LA who want to invest in their health! They are well-known for their juice and tonic bar, where you can get smoothies, juices, different tonics and a variety of bone broths, as well as delicious coffee drinks and teas, many of which have the option to add CBD oil and other bonus healthy extras. In addition to the juice/coffee bar and hot bar, it’s also a grocery store with an impressive selection of supplements and vitamins. Check it out and enjoy its variety of wonderful and healthful items!

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2. Another LA staple is Kreation, a juice bar that also serves coffee, different shots (some of which you can even get in a syringe to shoot into your mouth), and grab and go health foods. They also offer subscription services and cleanse options, where you can get anywhere from 7-28 juices per month! They have amazing wraps, salads, and tapas, as well as some delicious desserts that you can enjoy guilt-free. And of course – it’s all organic!

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3. Fancy some sex dust? How about brain or beauty dust? Moon juice uses adaptogens and brings them to you in easy-to-consume and tasty forms, via their dusts, milks, juices, snacks, and newly-released skincare line. Heading to moon juice for a dust-filled smoothie or nut milk with adaptogenic add-ins is about as stereotypical Los Angeles as it gets! The creator, Amanda Chantal Bacon, got lots of attention when she released her food diary in an article for Elle a few years back (https://www.elle.com/beauty/health fitness/a28600/amanda-chantal-bacon-moon-juice-food-diary/) that made it seem like eating well was her full- time job. Thankfully, Moon Juice makes consuming healthy ingredients from far-flung sources much easier and more accessible to those in LA, or those who order the dusts and other supplements and skincare online!

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Backyard Bowls

4.  This may be the first place that sold acai bowls on the mainland, starting the craze! If you’re not familiar, these are fruit bowls that have acai berries in them, along with other fruits, nuts, nut butters, and embellishments like coconut flakes or cacao nibs, similar to a smoothie, but thicker – so you eat it with a spoon! They have smoothies as well, if you’d rather drink your fruits, as well as grain bowls and porridge for those who’d prefer a savory snack or meal!

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Sunlife Organics

5. If you’re craving some superfoods with a side of zen, let me suggest Sun Life Organics! The owner and founder’s incredible story of surviving life on Skid Row in LA and heroin addiction is absolutely inspiring. He credits superfoods for his recovery and thriving, and went on a mission to find all the best of them (by traveling around the world) and sharing them with others. Sunlife Organics is now a juice bar that also serves acai bowls and other superfood-laden healthy snacks, and is designed to be an experience that brings people together in an authentic way – more than just a juice bar! Have you been to any of these healthy hotspots? Which one intrigues you most?

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