Hey loves! Today we’re talking bottles; baby bottles that is! I’m going to go over a couple I have used and weigh the pros and cons of each with you.

Kaia had pretty bad gas issues using certain bottles, so that was super important in finding something that would help relieve her of this!

I’m going to rate them from my least favorite to most favorite, so without further ado, my hierarchy of baby bottles!

5. Kiinde & Medela

Kiinde & Medela bottle
Source: Amazon

These breast pump friendly bottles were just okay.

They were super easy to use and saved me a lot of time because you can pump directly into the bottles and then instantly feed your baby, but that’s pretty much it. Nothing too crazy about them.

They were pretty standard and didn’t really improve or help with anything. Next!

(Kiinde) (Medela)

4. Comotomo

Comotomo Bottle
Source: Amazon

These bottles are designed to mimic breastfeeding to better help wean your baby off of your breast.

They’re made from a hygienic, silicone material so you don’t have to worry about any nasties, like BPA! They’re also really easy to clean because of their wider design.

The main thing I didn’t like about these is they promise to prevent colic but I found that wasn’t the case with Kaia, she was still gassy after using these.

3. Philips Avent

Philips Avent Bottle
Source: Amazon

I really loved the design of these!

I felt like they somewhat helped Kaia with her gas but definitely not 100%. I also think they made weaning her from breastfeeding a litttttttle bit easier.

What I didn’t really like about these bottles was the fact that they’re designed for anti-colic and Kaia still had some gas issues. For the money, I really don’t think these bottles are worth it.

2. Dr. Brown

Dr Brown Bottle
Source: Amazon

These bottles really did make a difference with Kaia’s gas. They’re made with a special venting system that definitely reduces colic-y symptoms. Finally, an anti-colic bottle that was helping!

Even though they are great, they still have some flaws. These bottles are really hard to clean and this busy momma doesn’t need to sacrifice extra time cleaning baby bottles!

1. Dr. Betta Bottles

Dr Betta Bottle
Source: Amazon

Guys, these bottles are my HOLY GRAIL! They are the absolute best thing that happened to Kaia and I! I feel like no one really knows about them but they are seriously the best kept secret and that’s why I have to share them with you guys!

They were designed by a pediatrician with the idea of feeding your baby in an upright position. The bottles are banana shaped and this allows the air bubbles to rise quickly so your baby isn’t inhaling a ton of air. It makes sense if you think about how we sit upright to eat and drink, so should be the same for your baby!

Such a simple concept that helped completely stop Kaia’s gas troubles. A true lifesaver and marriage saver..haha!

That’s it! My favorite baby bottles ranked from my least favorite to my can’t-live-without-lifesaver bottles! I hope this helps any of you new momma’s out there who might be struggling with a gassy, uncomfortable baby!

Enjoy Xo

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