If you’ve read my blogs or follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve repeatedly mentioned that anyone can have great skin if they follow a disciplined approach to caring for themselves.

I’ve even previously released a mini ebook that divulges some of my basic skincare practices in further depth than what I’ve previously shared on my blog.

However, if you're still wanting more, the wait is over.

I've been working for months on a comprehensive and detailed approach to skincare that starts basic, and goes into depth, from head-to-toe, and covering a wide variety of skin types and concerns. In this much more extensive book, I share skin, anatomy, causes, and solutions of different skin issues like acne, sensitive skin, and rosacea. I also share how to care of your skin on your body, best practices to age gracefully, and advanced tools, products, and routines to elevate an already well-established skincare regimen.

If you remember back in Geometry class (don’t worry, there’s no math required), a theorem is defined as “a formula or statement that can be proven from other formulas or statements.”

I’ve applied this logic to our skin, proving my manta that anyone with discipline can reach their skin care goals, as long as they have the right plan and stick to it.

Interested in that plan?

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The Glow Theorem!

A Healthy Complexion

My skincare guide to

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