One of the most overlooked parts of a skincare routine just might be our scalps – perhaps because they’re usually covered in hair? An area that is generally hidden from view may seem low on the priority list for many, but having a healthy scalp is an important part of beautiful hair. Does that make it more worthy of time and attention?

Similarly to the rest of our skin, general overall health measures like good nutrition, exercise, sleep, limiting alcohol and managing stress impact our scalps, and as a result, our hair as well. So, here’s yet another reason and reminder to take excellent care of yourself. If it isn’t an intrinsically motivated part of your life just for the health of it, perhaps the positive effects of healthy hair and skin will convince you.

In addition to those tips to care for your scalp from within, there are, of course, some actions you can take on the outside to nourish and care for a healthy scalp.

Mandy Madden Kelley scalp health haircare

Again, many of the same ideas that apply to the skin on our face and the rest of our bodies apply to our scalps. Our scalp benefits greatly from regular exfoliation (so a scalp scrub is a worthy investment), which can help remove built up dead skin, product residue, and oil – all of which can not only clog your pores, but slow the growth from your hair follicles. Regular cleansing helps with this as well! A scalp massage is not only relaxing, but can stimulate circulation, which is always a good thing!

Our scalp benefits greatly from regular exfoliation…

Our scalp needs moisture, too, especially if you notice redness or flaking (which is a symptom of dry scalp). Those of us who rely on dry shampoo may need it even more, as sometimes applying too much (or using it too frequently) can not only soak up the moisture that makes your hair look greasy between washes, but also the moisture that’s keeping your scalp healthy! To replenish this, a scalp oil can be very helpful, and when applied from roots all the way to the ends, can condition your hair as well.

In the same way the skincare for our faces and bodies can be an addicting and never-ending rabbit hole, so too can scalp care. There are different treatment masques that can be applied to our scalps that are formulated especially for that purpose, and even devices that can help to stimulate circulation on our scalp, too! One of my favorite skincare devices is a high frequency machine, and many of those come with comb-shaped attachments for use on the scalp, to promote circulation and increase hair growth. (By the way, did you know I already have a blog post about growing long and healthy hair? Click here to read it!)

Mandy Madden Kelley scalp health healthy hair

Those with fair skin or hair, with thin hair, or who have parts in their hair on the top of their head are wise to wear sunscreen or a hat when going outdoors, as our scalps are not immune to sunburn or skin cancer. Here’s another reminder not to forget your scalp!

The last parallel to our skincare on the rest of our faces and bodies and our scalp is the idea that there are specific treatments and products for specific issues, and if something is persistent, it is always wise to seek the help of a medical professional for best results, and to be certain that what you’re seeing isn’t a sign of a more serious health concern. By this time, there’s a product for just about everything under the sun, so hopefully it’s not too hard to find a solution to anything you need!

Hopefully, these ideas, products, and actions all help you take excellent care of yourself and your scalp, so you look and feel your best!

Mandy Madden Kelley scalp health

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