In a world where we all want to be seen and known, Coco Chanel had a different outlook on her life. Many people were not aware that her real name was actually ‘Gabrielle’.

However, this name became a big secret to her life. Only two nuns were allowed to call her Gabrielle and it was done very privately.

Why was Coco so incredibly secret about this? And why are you only finding out about this now, you may ask?

The name ‘Gabrielle’ reminded her of her past and upbringing. She wanted to leave those memories and feelings behind. She wanted to start a new life, a better life as, Coco.

This month, Chanel has launched a new ‘pillar’ to their fragrance line. Of course, the name of the perfume is ‘Gabrielle Chanel, in memory of those rebellious, passionate and free times from Coco’s life. Making Kristen Stewart the face of the campaign represented this.

The company worked for more than five years, in collaboration with Olivier Polge, to create this special and distinctive sent.

At first, the scent reminds me of an oasis of beautiful, exotic flowers. There is definitely a citrus twist to it, yet still very sweet smelling.

The fragrance is based on white and yellow floral – a mixture of Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang.

The day I purchased this perfume, I was immediately mesmerized by the beautiful jewelry-inspired bottle designed by Sylvie Legastelois. Next, I noticed that the scent lured around for a long time. It is very distinctive. Comparing it to the previous, more traditional Chanel fragrances, I definitely have to say that Gabrielle is by far the most flirty, fun and exotic of all.

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