As you know, one of my biggest passions and priorities is skincare. What you may not know is that my skin used to be acne-prone. I was actually able to change my own skin with time, effort, and the right products, which is exactly why I believe that with consistency, anyone can have amazing skin they can be proud of.

What is a breakout?

In order to control breakouts, it of course helps to identify what they are and what causes them. Breakouts are skin irritations, usually in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples, that occur on our skin, usually as a result of acne. It’s most common for teenagers, but can impact people of all ages. It generally appears on our face (including on the forehead), upper back and shoulders, and chest, but can actually show up anywhere we have skin!

How does it happen?

Acne and breakouts are the result of hair follicles getting clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and any dirt or debris that goes on our skin. This can even include makeup, or products that we think we are using to benefit our skin, like various moisturizers. This is one reason why it’s so important to wash your makeup off at night, and to look for the term “non-comedogenic” (which means it’s a formula that doesn’t clog your pores) on your skincare. One thing you may not know is that coconut oil actually is comedogenic, so it’s best used in cooking or on areas that are not prone to acne, because it can clog our pores and cause problems!

Another potential factor is your hormones. That is part of why many teenagers suffer from acne more than adults or children. Our hormones sometimes cause our skin to produce more sebum, which is a sticky material that causes the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to stick together, ultimately clogging the pores.

How can you control it?

Now that you know what a breakout is and why they happen, you’re empowered with the knowledge you need to do your best to control them. I’ve already alluded to it, but avoiding situations and products that will cause a backup in your pores and hair follicles makes a huge difference. Simply being sure to (at the very least) wash and moisturize your face with non-comedogenic skincare products can go a long way for most people in preventing breakouts.

There are other things that aren’t directly skincare-related that can be very impactful. I’d recommend trying to avoid touching your face throughout the day, especially with dirty hands (which includes not picking at or popping blemishes), taking care to sleep on clean pillow cases each night, and even cleaning your cell phone and makeup brushes regularly. Additionally, there are a lot of great products that are specifically targeted to improve conditions that can cause acne available that make the possibility for breakouts considerably less likely.

What are the best products for this?

If the basic skincare and lifestyle products and practices mentioned above aren’t enough to ban breakouts, there are definitely fantastic options available that have been formulated specifically to combat acne. One of my favorites is Skin Chemistry Acne Cleanser, which can either be used and rinsed off, or left overnight as a mask. Its ingredients are powerful enough to remove the makeup and impurities that can cause blemishes without leaving skin dry and feeling stripped, actually moisturizing it instead. Many cleansers made to combat acne are extremely harsh and end up drying and irritating the skin, but this one is a definite exception!

Caudalie Vinopure serum contains natural salicylic acid, an ingredient that is definitely your friend if you’re trying to rid yourself from acne! It helps minimize and tighten your clogged pores, while drawing out impurities, and fighting acne-causing bacteria with its host of antioxidants and powerful essential oils.

If despite your best efforts of prevention, you still feel a blemish coming on, Zitsticka is the answer to your prayers. It is a one-two punch of “CLEANA” a cleanser that exfoliates and calms the skin where there’s a current blemish or where you feel one coming, and “KILLA”, a tiny medicated patch that you put on a zit as soon as you feel it, stopping it in its tracks. Another option for spot treatment is Control Corrective Clear Med 5%, 2.5 Ounce, which soothes the skin and kills bacteria, with sulfur and hydrogen peroxide to dry up the oil that can cause blemishes.

Again, it is important that the moisturizer you use doesn’t accidentally make your skin worse. Oil free gel moisturizers such as the one from Erborian or “Skin Dope,” an Argan oil with CBD by Josie Maran will soothe and moisturize your skin and protect it while being of good quality and lacking the ingredients that clog your pores and cause the breakouts you’re trying to avoid in the first place.


Hopefully, with the preventative measures I’ve shared above, along with the best products for every skincare step and acne need, you were able to decrease the severity and frequency of your breakouts, leaving you more empowered by your skin, and even allowing you to be less reliant on makeup. With consistency and discipline, you’ll be glowing and confident in no-time!

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