Hi everyone! If you’re a busy, on-the-go momma, this blog is for you! I’m sharing my mom hacks with you all today that help make my days with Kaia soooo much easier (and less stressful)! Discovering these hacks has really made a positive difference in my life and my baby’s and that’s why I just had to share them. Motherhood is all about finding what works best for you and your child, so I hope something that worked great for me, can help one of you out! 

MYC Baby Feeding and Dispensing Squeeze Spoon  

If you are a traveler or just always on-the-go, this little squeeze spoon will be a lifesaver! It has saved me so much time and prevented so many messes. This little “magic wand” stores your baby’s food (like mashes, smoothies, soups) in the tube portion and then when your ready to feed your baby, you squeeze it out into the attached spoon and right into baby’s mouth. So easy, no bowls or spoons, and no stains! Just a happy, well-fed baby. 


Your Fav Healing Balm + Desitin 


This is a true mom hack! I promise this one will literally clear your baby’s diaper rash overnight. Thoroughly clean the irritated area then grab your favorite healing diaper rash balm (I love Motherlove’s Diaper Balm). Apply to the rash then seal the entire area with Desitin, which is a maximum strength, medical grade diaper rash cream. Works wonders!  


HiPP and Holle Organic Infant Formula 

Both of these formulas are European made so they can be a little pricey but they are well worth the extra money! Formulas that are made in the USA tend to contain an unnecessary amount of fillers like cornstarch and corn syrup. These ingredients have been proven to aid in obesity and diabetes. If it’s not something I would eat, why would I feed it to my baby? Both of these formulas are organic, non-GMO and made in small batches. They’re a healthy, safe alternative if you run out of breast milk!  


Doona Carseat + Stroller 

A two-in-one..busy mom gold mine! This stroller saves you so much time and you never have to wake your baby in the process of going from the car to on-the-go! The stroller is also extremely compact so it’s easy to fit into tight, public places, like restaurants!  


Bumbo Multi Seat 

Bumbo Multi Seat 

Another multi purpose baby product! This can be used as a floor seat, strapped to a regular chair to act as a highchair or as a booster seat. I started using this when Kaia was 5-6 months when she was first learning to sit up. It secured her upright and prevented her from tipping over and hurting herself. It also encourages more time sitting up vs laying on the ground so the baby can develop their back muscles. The built in tray is a must for when you’re out and about or traveling because it doubles as a highchair! 


I’m so happy to share all these awesome momma hacks with you as they have truly made my life easier! Being a new mother is a lot of trial and error and hopefully some of these hacks can save you from the dreaded errors! 


Enjoy! Xo

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