Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Look

A couple months back, I worked with the talented makeup artist, Zara Kaplan, to create this beautiful graphic eyeliner look. I noticed this unique makeup trend when I attended NYFW and LFW and I even created a white liner look myself. I hope you enjoy this video and potentially play around with this look yourself! […]

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London Fashion Week Trends

As you know, I draw inspiration from many sources, and one of them is fashion. Just as I couldn’t resist the urge to attend a few shows at NYFW, I also was unable to turn down the generous offer to be a VIP guest at the Tommy Hilfiger show in London. While I was there, […]

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Stretch Marks

It’s time to continue on with our skincare series, and this blog post is about stretch marks. If you’re unfamiliar, stretch marks are usually indented streaks that are often reddish (but can be brown or grey) and appear on the skin after rapid weight gain. They are often a side effect of pregnancy, but can […]

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