Hi everyone! Today I wanted to sit down and share some of my favorite baby gadgets that I’ve been obsessing over the past couple months. I think they will help you save some time because they sure helped me! More time saved = more time with the little one, so it’s a win win here.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

The name says it all: this is a formula PRO! This machine mixes your powdered formulas effortlessly and you get the perfect consistency every time. It’s really a lifesaver (and timesaver!) because you don’t have to worry about measuring or mixing and you have a perfect temperature bottle of formula in seconds! This product is really easy to use and there’s little to no mess, so I think this is a staple for every mamma!


Béaba Babycook + Béaba Babycook Cookbook

This is another amazing product that saves me a ton of time. This little machine makes homemade baby food so you’re not stuck in the kitchen with a million different pots and pans everywhere! Everything takes about 15ish minutes and comes out the perfect consistency for baby. It’s great for making fruit and veggie purees. Must have for this busy mamma! I also really love the Babycook cookbook. Making your own homemade baby food can be intimidating at first but this cookbook had so many great, healthy recipes, I had absolutely no problems!


Snoo Bassinet

The next baby product I want to share is this bassinet. My Snoo bassinet is AMAZING! This helped so much with keeping a consistent sleep schedule for Kaia. It really helps calm a fussy baby with its rocking feature and the white noise helps soothe the baby back to sleep. Another feature that I love is that it comes with an app. (What doesn’t now-a-days?!) So, if Kaia continues to cry or fuss, I’ll get an alert on my phone. So convenient, right?


Hatch Baby Rest

Last but not least is this cute little night light and sound machine. This is another app friendly product. I can turn the night light on, off or even switch the color all with the touch of a button and I don’t even have to be in the same room. No risk of waking my sleeping baby!!! It also has a couple different options of soothing sounds and music to promote sleep. You can really create the perfect sleep environment for your baby with this!


That’s what I have for you guys! These products have kept me sane and saved me tons of time and I hope they can help you out, too!

Enjoy xo


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