Many say that one of the hardest and most important “jobs” one can have is that of being a mother, and I must say that I agree! Being a mom has definitely made me a better person, and I thought I’d write a blog to explain why!

Mandy and Kaia in Stroller

One of the biggest things that has helped me evolve is simply the shock of a new lifestyle. Any time a huge change happens in someone’s life, it is a great opportunity to evolve – and with motherhood, this is mandatory! I have definitely used the responsibility of caring for another human being, and adjusting to putting my daughter’s needs above my own has helped me grow in so many ways! Not only am I adapting to this brand new life and everything that goes along with it, but I am also learning to love the new life and all of its challenges and rewards!

Kaia Madden Kelley

Having a baby definitely takes a toll on many of the different things that I was used to being a lot harder to do. For example, some of my more glamorous self-care practices have been harder to schedule in. This has helped me really appreciate the little things that I would have perhaps taken for granted before becoming a mom – like having the time to get my nails done! I have a new normal, and that involves having much more limited “me time,” which means that I cherish every moment even more and make sure to see it wisely!

Mandy Madden Kelley and Kaia

This has translated to my time management in general, as I have had to become a lot more efficient in what I do, and have really learned the value of time. To be able to fit in all of my priorities, I have to schedule things better, and can’t afford to lallygag or waste time if I want to accomplish all that I need to as well as make sure baby Kaia’s needs are all met!

I also know that time with a baby is fleeting, and that she will only be this young once, so I have to appreciate it while I can! This has really helped me to be more present and live more in the present. I want to enjoy every single moment and milestone, as I know that she will grow and be a toddler and child and adolescent before I know it. I have to relish in every step along the way!

Kaia Madden Kelley

Becoming a mom added another hat to my life. Before, I was a wife and blogger, and now I have to work to find balance to wife life, building my personal brand, and being the best mom that I can be for Kaia. That search for balance has helped me become more mindful of what opportunities I accept, and how adding things or removing them from my schedule/responsibilities/plate can have a bigger impact on what else I am able to do. It helps me prioritize what is truly important and worth my time.

Of course having someone completely dependent on me takes a lot of work. Constant work, honestly! But it is pays off in dividends, as there is absolutely nothing more rewarding, and I can’t wait to continue learning and developing along with Kaia. It’s so exciting that we get to grow together, and I am thrilled to see where life takes our family!

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