Hello everyone! My name is Mandy Madden. I am a fashion, health and travel fanatic, originally from New Zealand, living in Los Angeles. I love design and good music. Most days, you will find me walking my little beige French Bulldog, Hector and dancing around the house.

Who among us doesn’t want to be the best we can be? And who among us doesn’t want to be beautiful, both inside and out? But considering the hectic pace of life, it can sometimes be hard to find the time, much less the right set of keys that will unlock our beautiful souls. We all have of our obsessions, and my obsession happens to be related to helping people look and feel as beautiful as they can be. Whether it be your skin, hair, outfit, diet or exercise routine, I’ve got some great ideas and insights on what will work for you, and what to avoid. I invite you to take a fun-filled journey with me as I unlock the mysteries of how to find your most beautiful self.