I was invited to be a VIP guest at the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show for London Fashion Week Spring 2020. I had the most incredible experience and would love to share with everyone my time with the Tommy Hilfiger team and my notes on their incredible show.

My Experience

I was invited to a private fitting the day before the show, at a beautiful penthouse in the Royal Cafe Hotel. Once I got to the hotel, I was introduced to Hugh, my personal Tommy Hilfiger liaison. I got to rifle through all the latest items in the Tommy Hilfiger collections and had the freedom to pick my own outfit for the fashion show. There were professional stylists on hand, but Hugh and I were able to find the perfect outfit for me that didn’t stray too far from my every day fashion style.

The Show

Tommy Hilfiger’s show was held at the beautiful and iconic Tate Modern gallery in London and featured Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2020 co-ed Hilfiger collection, TOMMYNOW, and the upcoming Tommy x Lewis collaboration. TOMMYNOW was created in 2016 and is a platform in which consumers can purchase runway looks immediately after the show. Tommy x Lewis is a collaboration with Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton – the two have paired previously for a collection in Fall 2019. Despite there being three different collections, all runway looks fit in seamlessly.


As I mentioned in my London Fashion Week blog post, the fashion industry has become more and more ethically sound and Tommy Hilfiger was no exception. The designer himself said, “75% of styles were created with sustainably sourced materials including organic cotton, vegan leather alternatives and low impact denim washes.” Lewis also chimed that the brand “is determined to be one of the leading sustainable designer lifestyle brands in the world.”

The fashion industry has become more and more ethically sound and Tommy Hilfiger was no exception.

Sustainability is a cause that’s close to my heart. To watch such a significant brand use recycled cotton and denim, vegan down, plant based fabrics, and be awarded for their vegan shoes, is beautiful and encourages me to continue to support the brand on ethics alone.


Along those lines, Tommy Hilfiger continued to amaze with its emphasis on diversity. Lewis wanted “this collection (to be) for all ages or genders” and that “it doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are.” This was prominent in the show, which featured and spotlighted diversity in these ways and also in shape diversity – important steps that I’m really glad the fashion industry is finally prioritizing.

Beautiful Parris Goebel, a fellow Kiwi.
Photo Credit: The Love Magazine

Motifs- Colors, Textures & Patterns

The show featured a lot of monochromatic looks, something I feature in a lot of my day to day outfits, with some neutrals but mostly emphasized bright neons. Highlighter yellow showed up in a majority of the looks, a fun way for the brand to emphasize its cool and unapologetically youthful aesthetic.

Right: The iconic Naomi Campbell
Photo Credit: Vogue

Half the looks seemed to be gender-fluid and bulky – supporting an intentional sporty, comfortable vibe, “luxe streetwear” if you will. On the other end, Tommy Hilfiger also showcased his classic preppy look with nautical design, Oxford stripes, American flag prints, Bermuda shorts and low heels. It was interesting to see the combination of perspectives since they don’t naturally mesh, but Hilfiger did an incredible job of fitting the two styles flawlessly.

Photo Credit: WWD Magazine


The legendary Pat McGrath was the main makeup artist for the Tommy Hilfiger show. As expected, she created a flawless no makeup makeup look that emphasized natural beauty – which I absolutely loved. There was an emphasis on glowy dewy skin and all the models looked like a slightly elevated version of themselves.

Flawless Candice Swanepoel
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath

For hair, there was an emphasis on the model’s natural textures which beautifully added to the diversity of the show. Nails were the only things that took a step away from natural beauty, with models only wearing bright, bold and neon. This tied in nicely with the pops of highlighter neon on many of the clothing items and further emphasized Tommy Hilfiger’s youthful and carefree branding.


I had an incredible time with Tommy Hilfiger in London. I’m so glad I made the trip across the pond because I left incredibly inspired by what I saw. Thank you so much to the best team and to Hugh for giving me this beautiful opportunity. I’m looking forward to more experiences in the future!

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